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People always ask me what it was like living in Taiwan.  How did I feel? Sitting here writing this 10 months after leaving Taiwan, I still have difficulty putting it all into words.  One day I pray it comes out right.  I’d like to share the thousand untold stories. As life goes on and I [...]

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There’s something about the way life flows from country to country. It’s intriguing, albeit dizzying, taking in the way people of various cultures respond to one another and the environmental factors that shape their world. I remember my first weeks trying to cross streets in Sanxia, Taiwan. Cars and scooters whizzed by, the drivers ignoring [...]

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As the months make their descent into winter I feel a melancholy growing slowly in my soul. I made the choice to stay and I continue to hold onto the faith that it was the right decision–for now. I chose to stay for personal reasons and a sense that God has a greater plan in [...]

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I came up with a list of some of the more important things foreigners should know when visiting or working in Taiwan.  Please bear in mind that Taiwan is not as culturally diverse as places in the western world and people can and will treat you differently.  This is not always a bad thing but [...]

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So this morning I woke up with a plan.  I’d get these mountains out of my system…I’d drive back up toward Hehuan Mountain and visit Chingjing Farm, a place I passed last time but didn’t stop to explore.  If anything, once again, I’ve fallen more deeply in love with central Taiwan.  But, as I told [...]

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So wish me luck everyone!  I’ve entered the World Nomads writing contest–the prize being a travel writing scholarship to Istanbul!!  You can find my entry on the Philippines here. There are a lot of amazing writers submitting work so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping I have the chance to write more about devilishly handsome [...]

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“Let’s hope there’s not a Typhoon,” Eddie said.  He glanced up at the slightly cloudy sky, then attempted to reassure our group (7 Germans, five Brits, an Australian couple, and me) that the weather would probably hold out. Visions of being stranded on deserted islands for weeks drifted through my mind as I wandered the [...]

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The road to Port Barton was long, hard, bumpy, and dusty. I was told that during the rainy season, sometimes access is just not possible, but during the dry season it proves trying as well.  A few times the van driver nearly got stuck in the mud, trying to navigate his way across the difficult [...]

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So I’m back from my Philippines adventure and all that happened while I was there would be enough to fill a book.  Perhaps one day I’ll write extensively about it-but for now I’ll just divide the trip up into three posts covering Puerto Princessa, Port Barton/El Nido, and my experience with Tao Expeditions. Palawan island [...]

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2011 is already off to a great start. While I am disappointed about one writing opportunity that fell through, I’m really excited about blogging on Wanderlust and Lipstick with some really cool women. I also have a travel article set for publishing at the end of the month woohoo so overall, I can’t complain. In [...]

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