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So wish me luck everyone!  I’ve entered the World Nomads writing contest–the prize being a travel writing scholarship to Istanbul!!  You can find my entry on the Philippines here. There are a lot of amazing writers submitting work so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping I have the chance to write more about devilishly handsome [...]

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Is it normal to feel terror when you realize your dreams have the potential to really come true? Doors are beginning to crack open but instead of feeling self-motivated and happy, I have a strong urge to run and hide under something even remotely comfortable—like teaching.  I know for a fact I’m not the world’s [...]

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2011 is already off to a great start. While I am disappointed about one writing opportunity that fell through, I’m really excited about blogging on Wanderlust and Lipstick with some really cool women. I also have a travel article set for publishing at the end of the month woohoo so overall, I can’t complain. In [...]

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Once again, I’d like to tell everyone: if at some point down the road I start to toot my own horn too loudly, please tell me… Maybe I’m just  feeling cranky but I’ve had my fill tonight of travel writers bragging about all the places they’ve been or how great, how published, how celebrated they [...]

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I’ve been poring over numerous travel blogs lately as I’m currently enrolled in the Matador U travel writing program and I’m trying to get a feel for what’s out there (these blogs are not affiliated with the program). I have to say there is one thing that has really been getting under my skin.  I [...]

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Count experiences, not countries

I am not a well-known travel blogger. In fact, I’m not really traveling at the moment. Unless you count those occasional excursions to Wisconsin. I am probably not on any 100 greatest travel blogs lists and many people have never heard of Bamboo Butterfly.  I have not been to every continent on the planet, and [...]

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Don’t ride elephants in Thailand, or anywhere

I’ve loved elephants for some time now, ever since watching a documentary called “The Urban Elephant” on TV some years back. They are such intelligent and magical creatures, such sensitive beings that are highly misunderstood and grossly unappreciated by many people around the world. A few years ago, one of my dreams came true when [...]

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Taiwan’s airports transforming into world-class facilities

*Guest post Being the first thing that a traveler sees upon touching down on foreign land, airports often hold a heavy burden. Airports not only need to have well-trained staff members who are able to address customers regardless of cultural differences, but also need to have upgraded facilities that can compete with topnotch facilities in [...]

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